THD Masterclass on THD® Anolift by Dr. Pasquale Giordano

On February THD organized two Webinars dedicated to the THD® Anolift technique

On February, the participation to the Webinars organized by THD was high and involved surgeons from different countries.

During dedicated Webinars, Dr. Pasquale Giordano illustrated the technical steps of the THD® Doppler method through a presentation of the clinical evolution of the THD® Anolift technique.

The THD® Doppler method reaffirms its leading role in treating all degrees of hemorrhoidal pathology in a minimally invasive way. The attendees of the webinars were able to appreciate the cornerstones of the THD® method, focused on the correction of arterial hyperflow and prolapse. 

The course is addressed both to those who want to gain understanding of the THD® Doppler method and to those who are already practicing the THD method and want to deepen the proposition introduced with Anolift.

The training sessions end with interesting discussions of clinical cases with Dr. Giordano. Thanks to his long experience in coloproctology, Dr. Giordano is one of the world's leading experts in this field.

The events were hosted on Zoom on February 10th for Italian doctors and on February 23rd for foreign doctors. Webinars are open to a limited number of participants and THD is very happy of the interest and participation registered so far.