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  • THD® Slide One FAST and THD® Revolution for haemorrhoids surgery
  • THD® Slide One: operative proctoscope
  • THD® Revolution: all-in-one Doppler and LED light generator

THD® Slide One FAST and THD® Revolution for haemorrhoids surgery

THD® Slide One FAST Kit and THD® Revolution are the instruments designed to perform the THD® Doppler for Anolift procedure for the mini-invasive surgical treatment of haemorrhoids.

THD® Slide One anoscope is specifically designed for immediate use with THD® Revolution Doppler generator and LED light source. The customised anoscope optimizes the THD® Doppler procedure for prolapsed haemorrhoids.

THD® Revolution equipment consists of 1 generator box, 1 muting pedal, 1 medical grade power cord, 1 reusable fiber optic cord with a curved tip, 1 single-use Doppler Probe, and 1 reusable gold handled needle driver.


THD® Slide One: operative proctoscope

The distinctive shape of the proctoscope, which includes a port for the THD® Doppler probe, allows the clinician to perform a ligation and prolapse reduction with one single tool, shortening the operating times. Its unique shape is also designed to maintain the correct tension of the anal cavity during the whole procedure.

The medical grade plastic the proctoscope is made of, together with the fiber optic tip, allows for a clear vision of the operative field. The very bright cold light carried by the fiber optic cable which is housed in a special ergonomic handle, significantly improves the illumination of the area.

In the first phase of the procedure, the Doppler probe which is housed in the proctoscope comes in to contact with the anal mucosa and provides accurate detection of the arteries before ligation.

During ligation, the patented pivot, located proximally and anterior in the anoscope makes it possible to precisely control the rotation and penetration of the needle (6 mm). This feature makes it possible to simplify and standardise the surgical technique.

During the mucopexy, the operator can incrementally extend the operative window by sliding the top of the anoscope to smoothly perform a continuous suture pexy.


THD® Revolution: all-in-one Doppler and LED light generator

THD® Revolution is an electromedical device featuring cutting-edge technology for the advanced surgical treatment of haemorrhoids.

THD® Revolution technical features make it easy to use, versatile, light weighted and with low noise emissions, thanks to:

  • Powerful and adjustable LED light source: over 20.000 lux with brightness adjustment from 40 to 100%.
  • Anti-glare system to prevent activation of the light source when fiber optic cable is not inserted.
  • Highly sensitive doppler probe with digital signal processing and continuous wave for easy location of key blood vessels.
  • Minor maintenance required.
  • Automatic operational voltage setting.
  • Electronic display with a control panel to easily operate and monitor all functions as well as to regulate volume and brightness.
  • Remote footswitch for sound signal activation and deactivation.

For these reasons, THD® Revolution provides important advantages:

  • optimal illumination and visualization of the operative field.
  • precise and easy detection of haemorrhoidal arteries.
  • improved safety and comfort for both the patient and the surgeon.
  • volume and brightness control.
  • automatic reduction of the background noise.
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