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  • THD® HRStation: integrated proctological station for the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous anal lesions.
  • THD® HRStation: applications and use
  • THD® HRStation: features and benefits

THD® HRStation: integrated proctological station for the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous anal lesions.

THD® HRStation is the ultimate system for the screening and treatment of precancerous anal lesions. With its innovative and compact design, THD® HRStation delivers high-resolution videos and images of the anal canal and perianal area thanks to its 4K video camera and high-performance workstation with dedicated software.

THD® Procto Software

THD® HRStation is based on THD® Procto Software which allows all diagnostic operations carried out during an examination to be performed with a single suite.

THD® Procto Software features a modular user and patient management suite and allows the proctologist to produce a report for each examination. A dual USB pedal allows for the easy and intuitive control of the main software functions.

The operator can also print the examination report on a 4X colour laser printer. The laser printer allows the examination to be reported with printed images of remarkable sharpness and quality. THD® Procto Software is a Class IIA Medical Device.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA & THD 4K CAM: the best digital vision for HRA

The disposable THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope completes the THD® HRStation system and eliminates the need for external light sources thanks to its powerful integrated LED light. The large lateral windows adjacent to the camera ensure easy access to the area being examined for optimal viewing and for the performance of biopsies and ablative treatments.

Thanks to the 4K video camera and UHD 4K monitor with 32" display, the operator can view the images reproduced on the screen even from considerable distances.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA, provides several advantages:

  • Built-in LED cold-light source:
    • No additional light source/cable.
    • Focused lighting on area of interest.
    • Safe with low level heat emissions.
    • Operator-friendly pull-tab to turn light on.
  • Extensive side apertures:
    • Allows for greater maneuverability of surgical instruments.
  • Single-use and immediately available anoscope:    
    • Limits risks of cross-contamination.
    • No reprocessing time between patients.
  • Atraumatic profile:
    • Allows for easy insertion.
    • Increased comfort for the patient.

STERILITY: Non Sterile
TIP: Truncated
LENGHT: 112 mm

THD® Smoke Evacuator

The THD® Smoke Evacuator, equipped with 3 ports to maximise the versatility of connections, is light, compact and ultra-quiet. THD® Smoke Evacuator removes surgical fumes generated during the ablation procedure, thereby reducing risks to healthcare workers.

THD® Laser Station with THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser for the treatment of AIN lesions using a CO2 laser

THD® HRStation is also equipped with a laser ablation system for the treatment of anal intraepithelial lesions: THD® Laser Station.

THD® Laser Station is a CO2 laser ablation system that emits a coherent beam of light at a wavelength of 10.6 micrometres, strongly absorbed by water, and therefore by human tissue.

This characteristic makes the THD® Laser Station the ideal tool for numerous applications in the proctological field with various operating modes (continuous wave, pulsed and superpulsed).

THD® Laser Station, combined with the patented disposable THD® HRA Laser handpiece, focusses the beam inside the surgical anoscope for the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions induced by HPV.

The module for the laser treatment of precancerous anal lesions is also equipped with an integrated fume extraction system that allows a wide range of anal lesions to be treated safely and easily by the specialist.

To find out more about the features and benefits of THD® Laser Station and THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser, click here.


THD® HRStation: applications and use

There are many areas of application and use for the THD® HRStation:

  • Diagnosis
    High-resolution anoscopy performed with THD® HRStation is one of the most effective tests for screening neoplastic and intraepithelial lesions, particularly anal carcinomas.
    The customised contrast media setting enables the user to select acetic acid or Lugol to highlight the lesions. This setting allows the image to be optimised after administration of the contrast medium to improve the visibility of lesions through magnification. During the examination, it is possible to enlarge the view of the lesions in just a few simple steps, going from a 19X view to a 39X view and finally up to a 58X magnification that allows even the smallest abnormalities to be identified.
  • Biopsy
    If lesions or abnormalities are identified and diagnosed, a biopsy can be taken with THD® HRStation to identify any dysplastic cells.
    The large lateral windows of the THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA anoscope provide access to the area under examination, without the need to remove the camera. This makes it possible to insert any biopsy forceps with magnified vision.
  • Treatment
    THD® HRStation offers several solutions for the treatment of anal intraepithelial lesions, including electrocoagulation and photovapourisation with a CO2 Laser thanks to the THD® Laser Station.
    Treatment with photovapourisation allows even large lesions to be ablated on an outpatient basis thanks to the CO2 laser, with minimal side effects and minimum discomfort for the patient. THD® Laser Station is also equipped with a control system to ensure that the value of energy delivered is highly accurate, reducing risk and discomfort for the patient.

THD® HRStation: features and benefits

The integrated proctological THD® HRStation and its components offer unique features and benefits:

  • Practical and ergonomic:
    • trolley equipped with a height adjustment system that can be adapted to a variety of situations and users for a more ergonomic and comfortable posture.
    • THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope and THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser equipped with large lateral windows to make biopsies and surgical procedures easier.
  • Compact and versatile:
    • the small size of the proctological station allows examinations and procedures to be performed in even the smallest of spaces.
    • possibility to perform examinations with the patient in different positions (lateral decubitus, prone or dorsal lithotomy) without the need to reposition the equipment.
    • high-resolution motion video recording and static image capture without the use of additional digital cameras.
    • practical integrated basket for objects, accessories and instruments.
  • Ready to use:
    • does not require the calibration of individual instruments.
    • no moving parts requiring regular repair or maintenance.
    • THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope and THD® Light-Scope HRA Laser with integrated LED light source.
  • Safe and reliable:
    • effective extraction of fumes and fluids during procedures.  
    • proctoscope and video camera connect together seamlessly and easily with a high quality and stable connection to precisely identify the anatomical area viewed, without the need to change framing, angles and illumination.
    • rear pull handle for easy manoeuvring.
    • 4 swivel castors with integrated brakes for extra safety and stability.  
    • images of the anal canal always centred throughout the procedure.  
    • possibility to print images of remarkable sharpness and quality for reporting and subsequent checks thanks to the 4X colour laser printer.
  • Standardised:
    • allows surgeons, assistants and observers to see and compare images of the same high quality.