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THD's commitment towards the health and safety of patients and healthcare professionals has expanded and strengthened with the creation of disposable surgical masks, fully made in Italy.

THD® Face Mask is a class 1 medical protective, classified as a Class 1 medical device (Dir. 93/42/EEC) and as a type II surgical mask (EN 14683), regularly notified to the Ministry of Health and produced to high technical standards and with all the Made in Italy quality.

THD® Face Mask is designed to limit the transmission of infectious agents from the nose and mouth of healthcare personnel and/or an asymptomatic carrier or patients with clinical symptoms.  It can be used by patients and other people to reduce the risk of spreading infections, particularly during epidemic or pandemic situations.

The TNT multi-layer, with internal filtering layer, ensures high levels of safety thanks to a Bacterial filtration efficiency greater than 99%. Despite having a high filtering power, THD facial masks guarantee excellent breathability in both directions, thanks to the ultra-light material and to its good porosity to air. Moreover, the layer in contact with the skin is soft and non-abrasive so as to reduce the risk of irritation. For this reason, THD surgical masks can be worn for several hours, protecting the airways and at the same time allowing easy breathing.

In addition, the practical adjustable nose bridge, the easy drape and the soft side elastics allow an excellent fit and ensure the use of the THD® Face Mask is handy and comfortable. THD surgical masks are made of hypoallergenic materials.

The technical and functional characteristics of the THD® Face Mask therefore offer multiple benefits in terms of:

    • hypoallergenic fabric.
    • soft side elastic.
    • soft and non-abrasive skin contact layer.
    • good drapability.
    • TNT multi-layer with internal filtering layer with high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE>99%).
    • adjustable nose bridge, also useful for containing the fogging of the glasses.
    • excellent adherence and fit.
    • ultra-light material.
    • good porosity to air in both directions.

OPERATION/USE DIAGRAM: Wear the mask after you have washed your hands properly. Make sure that the nose clip, i.e. the rigid edge, is facing upwards. Place the comfortable ear elastics behind your ears. Adjust the nose clip by shaping it around the nose bridge. Make sure that the lower edge of the mask is positioned under the chin: thanks to its bellow-like shape, the mask will adapt to the face.

MAINTENANCE: Not necessary, disposable (single-use) device.

STORAGE AND HANDLING OF THE DEVICE: Store at room temperature, avoiding any moisture or direct heat exposure.

USAGE PRECAUTION: Do not use in case of clear defects such as damaged, pierced or unstitched fabric.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are no particular contraindications for use of this medical device.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: polypropylene, polyester.

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