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THD® Bandy: features and benefits

THD® Bandy consists of one rubber band ligator and one loading cone.

THD® Bandy makes the traditional and time-proven rubber band ligation procedure more comfortable and effective, thanks to its specific features:

  • single-use and fully disposable device
  • rubber band ligator made of transparent plastic material and suction-operated
  • suitable for use with a self-illuminated and ergonomic shaped anoscope with built-in LED light


THD® Bandy technical features provide significant advantages and benefits in the physician’s daily practice:

  • the fully disposable single-use device eliminates sterilisation times and costs as well as eradicating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • the fully disposable and single-use device makes it possible to perform multiple ligatures during the same session, thus increasing patient throughput.
  • the ligator transparency allows for direct visualisation of the haemorrhoidal tissue and full control over the tissue, when suction is applied.
  • the use of a suction unit instead of forceps makes the procedure easy, reduces intra-operative bleeding as well as post-operative pain and discomfort for the patient.
  • the surgeon has a free hand to hold the anoscope at the optimal angle of view with no need for nursing assistance, thanks to the suction-operated ligator.
  • thanks to the innovative band positioner and band loader, the surgeon can position the elastic band with one hand without any assistance.
  • using the device combined with a self-illuminated anoscope with built-in LED light eliminates the need for external lighting systems and provides optimal visualization and illumination of the area.
  • the anoscope has an ergonomically engineered shape with a perfect match for the ring deployment device, for a more comfortable and handier use.
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