THD History and Culture

Our Company History

In 2004 the medtech division of an industrial group near Reggio Emilia in Italy began the sale of electro-medical devices used to perform the THD Doppler procedure, a new minimally-invasive technique for haemorrhoids surgery. The results achieved made it possible to start an independent industrial company within the group that took its name from the surgical procedure itself: THD S.p.A.

Over the years, THD's continuous search for innovative answers through medical research and technological advances has led to the design of a wide range of innovative surgical and diagnostic solutions in the field of coloproctology and have allowed THD to distinguish itself in this area.

The development of a line of dietary supplements (not currently available in the US) and products for haemorrhoids prevention and pre and post-surgery patient management, as well as for the prevention of several colorectal disorders, is the natural completion of THD product range.

THD S.p.A. is now a well-known brand in the scientific world, with different product lines for advanced diagnosis and treatment of colorectal disorders.

The attention to patient’s and surgeon’s needs, together with ongoing research and cutting-edge technology are THD’s sources of inspiration, leading to innovative healthcare solutions.

Today, THD operates globally with a complete product range.

Surgeons using THD products worldwide and branches in the United States and Great Britain allow THD to meet the specific needs of each market. This way, THD can strengthen its commitment to health… without boundaries.

Our Corporate Culture

We are a passionate international team sharing the same values and the same commitment to what we do.

Our goal is developing innovative and minimally-invasive healthcare solutions to create value for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our corporate culture shapes a clear framework for our daily activity. Globally shared policies and code of conduct provide guidance for our choices and plans of action in all of our business areas around the world.

Our vision is leading coloproctology with advanced and minimally-invasive healthcare solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal disorders.

Our mission is to globally improve healthcare standards for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal diseases through constant technological advances and scientific research.

THD: a global healthcare company made of people and at the service of people.