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  • Traditional anorectal manometry: equipment
  • THD® Anopress: new portable system for anorectal manometry
  • THD® Anopress: features and benefits
  • THD® Anopress: indications

Traditional anorectal manometry: equipment

Anorectal manometry is an essential exam for the precise assessment of the functionality of the anal sphincters and rectum. Anorectal manometry is the only diagnostic test which measures sphincter pressure, reflexes and rectal sensitivity.

However, conventional anorectal manometry is a time consuming and uncomfortable examination, generally performed by means of a cumbersome, multi-channel, liquid-transduction piece of equipment. Moreover, the physician needs to carry out the test in a separate laboratory and the patient’s clinical assessment is typically performed by an external clinician at a second stage.

Traditional manometry shows other limitations, such as:

  • need of catheter calibration
  • wide range of normal and abnormal values
  • complex data interpretation

THD® Anopress: new portable system for anorectal manometry

THD® Anopress is a new portable anorectal manometer directed at overcoming many of the issues associated with traditional anorectal manometry.

THD® Anopress makes it possible to correlate data with symptoms in a simple and quick way and make standardised and repeatable data immediately available.

The physician who carries out the exam can also easily assess the results and connect them to different pathological conditions. The matching of test results with specific colorectal diseases is based on the interpretation of a curve describing the sphincter activity at different points of the test.

THD® Anopress system consists of an anorectal manometer with dedicated software and specifically designed single use probes

THD® Anopress

The THD® Anopress manometer is compact, light-weighted, battery operated and compatible with most PCs. The manometer can be connected with most PCs and laptops via Bluetooth for data filing, printing, or data sharing.

THD® Anopress is equipped with an LED screen that provides the real time display of pressure values both numerically and graphically. Manual controls on the frontal panel make it possible to move through the different phases of the exam.

THD® SensyProbe and THD® PressProbe

THD® Anopress system includes dedicated single use probes designed to be used in combination with THD® Anopress manometer:

  • THD® SensyProbe: intended fot the evaluation of the average sphincter tone, recto anal inhibitory reflex (RAIR) and rectal sensitivity. It has an ergonomic grip and an atraumatic profile to reduce patient discomfort.
  • THD® PressProbe: intended for the evaluation of the average sphincter tone. It has an ergonomic grip and an atraumatic profile to reduce patient discomfort.

THD® Anopress software

THD® Anopress system has a dedicated software with a user-friendly interface. The software allows the specialist to create a clinical record for each patient, to track their medical history, compare current data with previous ones and manage further examinations.

The diagrams based on data collected from the THD® Anopress device provide real time display of the average pressure variations during examinations.


THD® Anopress: features and benefits

THD® Anopress system provides exclusive features and benefits:


  • clinicians and allied healthcare professionals can perform the test on their own with no nurse-assistance.
  • extremely short learning curve.
  • no need for long preparation of the patient before the test.
  • suitable for immediate use in any location (outpatient clinic or hospital).
  • exam last between 5 to 10 minutes.


  • real time mean pressure values immediately available during examination.
  • results displayed real time both graphically and numerically.
  • intuitive functional diagnosis and assessment of muscular activity.


  • precise average pressure values analysis during different functional phases.
  • standardised and replicable values un-reliant on operator and equipment.
  • self-calibration for precise, constant and replicable pressure measurement.
  • automatic system activation with no need of initial set-up.
  • pressure data and test reports filed in dedicated patient folders.


  • ergonomic
  • easy to transport
  • weight only 630 gr.


  • low-maintenance system
  • disposable probes with no need of maintenance

THD® Anopress: indications

Common indications for clinical anorectal manometry are:

  • active/passive fecal incontinence
  • obstructive defecation syndrome
  • chronic constipation
  • obstetric injury or post-partum sphincter damages
  • peripheral nervous system damages due to trauma, diabetes or sclerosis
  • before or after surgical sphincter repair
  • before or after surgical treatments in the anorectal region (i.e. anal fissure, anal fistula etc)
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