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THD® ProctoStation HRA Module

High Resolution Anoscopy is one of the most effective and sensitive exams for the screening and surveillance of AIN lesions.

However, the colposcope (the equipment commonly used for HRA) is often not available in colorectal centers due to various factors that frequently prevent colorectal centres from performing this test.

THD® ProctoStation with its HRA module offers a good solution to overcome the limits associated with the use of other technologies.

THD® ProctoStation, with HRA option, is a compact equipment providing both high-resolution videos and still image captures of the anal canal. This is made possible through the combination of a High-Resolution camera with an all-in-one touchscreen PC with dedicated software.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA, a disposable LED HRA proctoscope with a built-in LED light source completes the THD® ProctoStation HRA module, by eliminating the need for external light sources.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA is a proctoscope specifically designed to be used in combination with THD® ProctoStation system with THD® HRA Camera.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA offers several advantages and benefits both in terms of safety and convenience for the surgeons’ daily practice:

  • Fully integrated lighting system with cold light source:
    • no need for an external light source
    • optimal illumination of the area being inspected
    • no risk of overheating during use
    • easy to use thanks to the user-friendly removable tab
  • Wide lateral window:
    • easy access for biopsy and surgical treatments
  • Disposable and ready to use proctoscope:
    • reduced risk of cross-contamination
    • reduced nurse and clinician reprocessing times
  • Atraumatic profile:
    • easy to introduce
    • more comfortable for the patient

THD® HRA Camera

THD® HRA Camera is a high-resolution video camera specifically designed to be used in combination with THD® ProctoStation system with THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA.

THD® HRA Camera includes a high-resolution camcorder, a remote footswitch for image/video capture and offers the following features and advantages:

  • High-resolution camcorder up to 13x of magnification (software interrogation allows up to x39):
    • clear visibility of the area being inspected
    • direct comparison of current vs. previous clinical conditions
  • Video camera firmly connected with THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA
    • images and video of the anal canal are stable and remain centered and in focus for the whole procedure

THD® ProctoStation HRA Module: advantages

THD® ProctoStation HRA Module presents many advantages, if compared with other technologies:

  • does not require any additional digital tools.
  • provides stable images that are not affected by the patient’s position or movements.
  • does not require continuous adjustments to remain in focus.
  • allows surgeon, assistant, and observers to see the same high-quality images.
  • eliminates interference between the lens and surgical instruments.
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