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  • THD® ProctoMobile: all-in-one modular portable system
  • THD® ProctoMobile: features and advantages

THD® ProctoMobile: all-in-one modular portable system

THD® ProctoMobile is an all-in-one portable diagnostic equipment which allows the clinician to perform numerous anorectal tests thanks to the specific software and integrated diagnostic modules.

THD® Procto Software

THD® ProctoMobile is based on a specific software that allows the clinician to perform all the diagnostic procedures normally performed over a series of visits within one patient episode. The THD® Procto Software offers a modular suite dedicated to managing users and patients, allowing a report to be processed for each exam.

EAUS module

Thanks to its ease of handling and use, the THD 360° ultrasound probe enables overcoming many of the limits of traditional endoanal probes. The EAUS Module allows view of the pelvic floor and the sphincter muscles and aids accurate identification of anatomical and functional variations.

For further information on the THD® EAUS Probe, click here.

Anorectal Manometry module

THD® Anopress is a portable and compact instrument for performing clinical anorectal manometry. THD® Anopress is equipped with single-use probes and an LED screen for viewing and evaluating sphincter pressure and rectal sensitivity in real time.

For further information on the features and advantages of THD® Anopress, click here.


THD® ProctoMobile: features and advantages

The THD® Proctomobile portable modular system possesses exclusive features and advantages:

  • Ergonomics:
    • comfortable for the operator.
  • Light, compact and versatile:
    • the small size and low weight allow easy diagnostic tests even in the tightest environments.
    • Portability, allows the clinician to offer ‘one stop’ proctology diagnostics across different clinical rooms and sites
  • Fast and simple to use:
    • each exam can be carried out in less than 10 minutes.
    • it allows the specialist to carry out diagnosis and interpretation of the data immediately after the examination, eliminating the need for subsequent medical examinations to evaluate the results.
  • Comfortable:
    • the patient can undergo the examination in different positions: lateral decubitus, prone or in a lithotomy position. The procedure is therefore comfortable for both doctor and patient.
  • Cost-effective:
    • all-in-one modular portable system which can be connected to different plug & play peripherals in order to perform numerous diagnostic tests, using the same hardware. Eliminating the need for multiple patient episodes
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