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  • THD® ProctoStation: all-in-one integrated modular system
  • THD® ProctoStation: features and benefits

THD® ProctoStation: all-in-one integrated modular system

The THD® ProctoStation is a multifunctional unit that allows the user to carry out anorectal diagnostics as well as treat electrosurgically.

THD® Procto Software

The software incorporated in the THD® ProctoStation facilitates the user to carry out diagnostics examinations that would normally require more than one hospital visit for the patient. The THD® Procto Software has password protected user profiles for patient data safety but it also allows the patient to have multiple tests performed without having to re-enter data. Individual reports can be quickly generated for each test.

Anoscopy Module: THD® ProctoStation HRA

The THD® ProctoStation HRA Module provides high-definition imagery in a quick and easy manner for the surveillance of AIN. High-resolution pictures and videos can be taken of the anal canal, anal verge and anorectal junction thanks to a HD camera with an all-in-one touchscreen computer with custom software. It is a great solution to the limiting factors often seen in other technologies.

The THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA is a self-illuminating anoscope with integrated LEDs.  Thanks to large side-apertures instruments are easy to pass into the anal canal without interfering or blocking the view. The AIN Treatment Module is available for surgical treatments.

THD® ProctoStation with HRA module is suitable for both the outpatient and the operating theatre setting.

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EAUS module

The 2D endoanal ultrasound probe has a fixed crystal at the tip that offers a 360° field of view. The user is provided with a good level of interpretation of the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles in order to assist in their assessment. 

For further information on the THD® EAUS Probe, click here.

Clinical Anorectal Manometry Module: THD® Anopress

The THD® Anopress is a small, portable, easy-to-use device for conducting anorectal manometry/physiology. The air-filled probes are single-use and available with or without a balloon attachment for rectal sensitivity, RAIR and expulsion tests. The Anopress has an LED display but also connects wirelessly to a computer so the live examination can be seen on both screens. 

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Electrosurgical Ablation: AIN Treatment module

The THD® ProctoStation - AIN Treatment Module allows for the multifaceted treatment of anal dysplastic and neoplastic lesions. It offers the surgeon the ability for electrosurgical ablation, coagulation and fulguration of anal lesions. The equipment includes a high-frequency desiccator or an electrosurgical device with different single-use tips depending on the surgeons’ requirements. A smoke evacuation unit is also available.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the AIN Treatment module, click here.


THD® ProctoStation: features and benefits

The THD® ProctoStation modular system possesses exclusive features and advantages:

  • Ergonomics:
    • Comfortable for the user to operate.
    • A better ergonomic position affords the user more comfort, especially in the arms, neck and shoulders when compared to using a colposcope.
  • Compact and versatile:
    • Examinations can be carried out in rooms with limited space.
    • Appropriate for the use in theatres and outpatients.
    • Patient can adopt different positions (left lateral, lithotomy, prone) without need to adjust the equipment.
    • High definition images and videos can be taken, therefore preventing the need for any additional cameras which other technologies require.
  • Ready to use:
    • No calibration needed for HRA or EAUS. Single-use Anopress Probes self-calibrate in a matter of seconds.
    • As there are no moving parts which need adjustments or lubrication.
  • Quick and Easy to use:
    • Individual tests can be carried out in under 10 minutes.
    • Provides specialists with the ability to undertake the tests themselves and therefore instantly evaluate and interpret the data.
  • Safe and accurate:
    • THD® HRA Scopes allow easy access of instruments so there is no obstruction with the camera lens, as seen with other technologies.
    • Fluids and harmful gases are extracted safely during treatments.
    • HRA Scopes and camera are well connected and stable within patient allowing for smooth continuous imagery.
    • Autofocusing means images are centered and focused throughout.
  • Standardised:
    • All team members can see the same high-definition image at the same time. Also, videos and images are not cropped or lose definition once saved electronically unlike other technologies. 
  • Cost-effective:
    • This modular system allows for different anorectal diagnostic tests and surgical treatments to be carried out with simple plug and play devices.  Using the same hardware and software makes it quick and easy and can prevent the patient from multiple hospital visits; ultimately increasing their satisfaction and reducing costs.
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